What are Calm Cards?

The Calm Card deck comes with 50 activities to help children calm down when they are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or upset. Created by Child Psychologist, Allie Ackland-Prpic, these are methods to restore emotional balance, elevate mood, and recalibrate the nervous system into a state of wellbeing. Allie created Calm Cards in 2008 whilst working with students with special needs and has since expanded the use of the cards in her wellbeing program in classrooms throughout Australia.

With cards such as Be in Nature, Play Music, and Play a Sport, there is a wide array of options for every unique child. The method for using Calm Cards is simple. When your child is calm, they can choose their favourite 5-10 options from the pack with you. This peaceful state is important to ensure they choose optimal cards for them. Next time that your child feels overwhelmed, frustrated, or upset, guide them to return to the pre-selected cards and choose the top activity that will help them relax in that moment. This provides them the tools while empowering them to manage their emotions independently, creating a healthy foundation for life long resilience.

Calm cards Philosophy

For every 1000 cards sold, 10 are donated to Schools across Australia